Friday, December 21, 2018

Secrets of Zero Zero Binary Trading Tricks at Risk for Every OP

Secrets of Zero Zero Binary Trading Tricks at Risk for Every OP

there is a chance this time I will share how to multiply your capital money within 1 hour of trading, it seems like it is very easy to get money, but actually trading is difficult there are many things we have to learn starting from how to read trends, how to make candles and many other sciences.

Here, I will only share the easiest tricks, but I guarantee that the profits will continue every time I do the OP, provided that it is not from the OP, but first looks at the market whether the trend is rising or the trend is down and avoid OP when the market is sideways.

On the Trade page set the duration to 5 minutes and the capital to enter just one dollar is enough

In the case of a market above the downward trend, click Buy below / fall and if in the next 5 minutes profit can reorder with the same capital of 1 dollar.

If the first order is loss (loss), then the second order level of capital becomes 2 dollars from the initial capital, if the result is profit, do the order back to the beginning of 1 dollar.

If the third order is still a loss increase the capital to 5 levels, for example like the following:

  • $ 1
  • $ 2
  • $ 4
  • $ 8
  • $ 16

And so on, until we profit. If Profit again Repeat from the initial Value

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Don't forget to always look at the Trend if the trend has started to reverse direction towards the market trend, just go ahead, click buy or click Rise.

NB: Always Look at Market Movements Comparison in the 15th Minute to the 15th and 30th Minutes Congratulations on Profit and Don't Trade with Emotions you want to continue to Profit. Hold yourself up. If the profit is enough, Continue Tomorrow and try the above method first with a virtual account first until you are truly proficient and understand how to read the new market movements to switch to a Real account.

That's just a bit of the Secret Secret of Zero Binary Trading Tricks at a Risk of Profit Every OP that I can say may be useful for us all and greetings of profit.


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