Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Right Tricks of Binary Trading IQ Option to Guarantee 100% Profit

Learn Binary Options Definite Profit Strategies For Beginners

How to win IQ Option.

On this occasion I will share a tutorial on trading binary option strategies that can be used for 1 minute expiration time, 5 minutes and so on.

Now many are interested in how to make money through trading both forex trading and binary options.

But for enthusiasts of the type of binary options trading more and more, this is because the way and system of binary options is easier to understand, namely only choosing the CALL option if the predicted movement will go up and the PUT option if the predicted movement will decrease.

But even though the way to play is very easy, you may not necessarily win or gain profit consistently if you don't have a qualified trading plan and strategy.

 It is very important to learn how to analyze, which is how to predict where the next price move will be, as a basis for taking either Call or Put options.

How to analyze trading is divided into 2, namely fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Trader binary options are usually more focused on technical analysis, namely using indicators and without indicators

This article I will not share strategies for conducting analysis such as how to use indicators.

Therefore, before continuing this tutorial you should have learned the strategies for reading signals to make a decision whether it's CALL or PUTT.


Following are the ways and tips for IQ option trading strategies:

1. Determine a Trading Strategy To Take Open Position Decisions

To determine an open position, either CALL or PUT can use the indicator strategy. If you haven't studied it, you can read the following article:

  1. Trading Strategies Using Bollinger Bands Indicators
  2. Trading Strategy Using the Moving Average Indicator
  3. Trading Strategy Using the Alligator Indicator
  4. Indicator Collection Trading Strategy

Choose one strategy or a combination of several indicators as a basis for future positions.

2. Do Open Sequential Position Before Before Time Expired If Open First Position Missed.

After a signal appears from the strategy that you are using, do an open trading position for example an open position CALL.

If after making a CALL, it turns out the movement actually goes down, then open the CALL position again, and if it turns out the movement is still downtrend, do it again, open the CALL position during the time not expired.

If you open the first position of CALL, then open the next position also CALL.

  • Open position 1: CALL
  • Open position 2: CALL
  • Open position 3: CALL

This method aims to minimize losses if the first open position is loss.

You do not have to open a position up to 3 times, open a position only if it turns out that the price movement is against the open position we choose.

If the first position is open there is no resistance, then the second position is not necessary.

For example, open the first position choose CALL and the price movement continues to rise, then we do not need to open the second position.

3. Combining Money Management Martiangle

This method is not necessary, but if you want greater profits in a short time, then this method is worth trying.

The method is still the same as above, it's just that the investment value is doubled from the previous investment value.

The goal is that if the first open position is loss, then open the next position will back up the loss and still get profit.

So that the trading carried out always makes a profit.

The financial arrangement of the martiangle is: The next investment value is always doubled, for example:
Open position 1: $ 1
Open position 2: $ 2
Open position 3: $ 5
Open position 4: $ 12
But keep in mind this method has a high risk, so you need to consider it. Hopefully this method can help you achieve profit consistently.

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