Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Most Accurate Forex Binary Trading Indicator Must Be Consistent Profit

Trading Strategies Using the Most Accurate Indicators to Always Be Consistent Profit

In the trading analysis strategy we must be able to find out the current trend, when the price reversal occurs and how much the current trend is happening. For that we need the most accurate trading indicator.

Basically there is no indicator that 100% shows an accurate signal. All indicators are good, if we know how to use them in analyzing market movements. For that we first study each indicator function.

Learn to trade for beginners

Basically, technical analysis indicators can be divided into 3 types.

1. Trend Following Indicator

Trending Following Indicator is an indicator used to read movements or identify when the trend direction will also change. Know the exact changes in trends will also be very useful for some traders, especially to find out the time when you open or close the Open Place (OP).
Which includes Follow Trends indicators, namely Parabolic SAR, MACD, DMI, MA

2. Price Momentum Indicator (Oscillator)

Oscillator is a type of fluctuating sign, used to ascertain market conditions whether oversold (too sold) or overbought (too purchased). The momentum of this type of sign can be used to ascertain whether the trend will also exchange or continue
Which includes oscillator indicators, namely; Stochastic, RSI and CCI

3. Volatility Indicator

Volatility indicator is a sign that can be used to measure the amount of price movement in a trend. This type of sign can help us in ensuring the ability of the market to be seen from the size of the price fluctuations in a specific period.
Which includes volatility indicators, namely ATR, VIX, and Bollinger Bands.

How to use the bollinger bands indicator

Now we know that there are many trading indicators. Eradicate which indicators we should use? And what indicators are the most accurate in generating profits?

We do not need to use all indicators, choose one or several used simultaneously or commonly called a combination. The purpose is that as I said above there is no indicator that 100% gives an accurate signal. Now to anticipate that we put some indicators so that one indicator can lack helped by other indicators.

If you use more than one combination indicator, when taking a trading position waiting for all indicators to be installed shows the same signal.

If we are still a beginner trader and still looking for the most yielding trading techniques. We recommend that you first learn all the trading indicator techniques, trading techniques using candlestick patterns and techniques utilizing support and resistance.

Practice and research, then determine which strategy you think is the easiest to generate profits. The most accurate strategy in trading is a technical strategy that matches the trading style itself which is obtained through the results of research and practice of own observation.

But that does not mean learning self-taught you know .... The point is that when you find a science of trading, we practice, if we match the technique, we use it, if not, no need.


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