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Smart Ways to Play IQ Option for Beginners and Tricks That Are Consistent Profits

Tutorial on Learning How to Play IQ Option for Beginners to Make Profit Consistent and Winning

Forex and binary trading business is indeed popular, because it's an easy way and can make money in minutes. But remember this is not a get rich quick, but this is business.

Business is like a battlefield, there is no mercy there. Before leaving to prepare all the weapons and strategies, then we are sure to win in the battle. Likewise in business, whatever it is.

We will discuss how to play iq options along with strategy tricks and indicators that must be used. The goal for friends who are new to trading can understand it from the start.

What is IQ Option?

IQ Option is a company in financial business engaged in the binary options, forex and cryptocurrency trading markets. IQ Option acts as a broker that provides a platform for traders to be able to make the buying and selling process.

How does IQ Option work?

The way the core trading broker works is based on the exchange / exchange. When there are traders who want to buy, at that time there are also traders who are willing to sell. Which of the market conditions that move normally the position of seller and buyer is the same.

IQ Option and other broker broker trading take commission / profit from every transaction that occurs between the seller and the buyer. The commission can reach 7.5%. The small amount is based on market conditions.

What is Binary Option Trading (About Binary Options)

Binary options are online trading instruments from the movement of an asset, where we buy only the contract (not the asset) in a certain time.

In contract binary options the time starts from the fastest above 30 seconds to several hours, depending on how we determine it.

The contract in question is the Call / direction of Rise and Putt / direction Down, from the movement of an asset that we choose in the time we choose too.

Contract Position In Binary Option Trading

In trading there are only two contract options namely Call and Putt.
Call means to go up, if according to our analysis the movement of an asset will rise, we choose CALL
Putt means down, if according to our analysis the movement of an asset will decrease, we choose PUTT

If according to our analysis the movement of an asset will increase in 5 minutes, then we take a Call trading position with a closing time of 5 minutes, for example. If it's right, the result will be a profit.

What are the Benefits of Binary Trading?

We can know the size of the profit before we make a trade, there is a percentage of the profit. The profits are different from each asset. The amount of profit is in the range of 60% to 95%.

It doesn't take long for us to make money, because every minute we can trade.

But we need to know, binary option trading requires a high understanding of analysis so that it can always profit. Don't worry that there are already many articles on consistent profit trading strategies in this blog.

How to Register an IQ Option Account from Android

1.Before registering an account, first download the application in Playstore for Android users and in the AppStore for iOS users.
2. Then wait until it's installed, open the application
3. Fill in all data data needed, then click Create Account
4. And this is the display of the iq option trading platform
5. The appearance that appears is the appearance of a Demo / Lesson account
which is a balance of $ 10000 is money only for practice (not real money)
If you want to switch to a Real account, just click and deposit the money

Binary Option Demo

Before we trade with real money, we should learn to trade in a demo account. Try to learn how to play first, do an experiment whether it's easier to use candlestick charts or line charts.

The market movement on a demo account with a real account is no different according to the actual market conditions.

On the IQ Option platform there are 4 types of trading, namely
Cypto, Forex, Digital and Binary, the easiest is binary, so we choose binary
1. Choose Binary from the Trading list and select the Asset market / market

2. Determine the value of Invest
3. Choose how long to close the time
4. Determine the trading analysis, whether to choose Call or Putt, our example takes up position
5. Wait until the closing time arrives, and see the results of profit or loss

If you already know how to play, now is how we always win or profit in binary iq options. Don't just play with filling, it will definitely lose in the end.

Learn all trading strategies, then choose and use which we think is the easiest to get profit. So look for strategies that suit our own style.

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