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IQ Options Tricks and Trading Methods Using the Belkhayate Timing Indicator

How to Read and Use the Belkhayate Timing Indicator

How do IQ Option trading strategies and tricks use the Belkhayate Timing indicator?

Recently the IQ Option trading platform updated and added several new indicators, including Cloud Ichimoku, KDJ, DPO and Belkhayate Timing.

On this occasion we will discuss trading strategies for forex, binary options and digital options. Regardless of the type of trading, the principle is the same, namely predicting whether the movement will go up or down.

What is the Belkhayate Indicator?

This indicator is an oscillator designed by Mustapha Belkhayate to calculate the center of gravity of market movements.

In order to help identify areas of interest that are profitable for buying or selling (the moment to enter the market or open position) and also the point of possible price reversal.

How to use Belkhayate Indicator?

1. Select the Belkhayate indicator from the indicator list

2. There is a slight difference in the appearance of the Belkhayate indicator setting, which is the display on smartphones and laptops / computers

3. As this is the chart display using the Belkhayate indicator


After installing the indicator, the next step is to analyze price movements to wait for the right moment and time in executing open trading positions

The following is how to apply the Belkhayate indicator as a trading strategy:

As we saw in the picture above, the Belkhayate indicator has 3 areas. Let's just discuss what each area of this indicator shows.

1. Neutral Zones (Middle Area / Middle Area)

When price movements in the middle or middle area, traders are not recommended to enter the market or open trading open positions.

But if you open a position on this movement your chances of profit are 50% and you are probably 50% wrong.

2. Extreme Zone (Red Area and Green Area)

In this area the indicator shows to enter the market or you can open a trading position when price movements enter this area (Red area and Green area)

Traders can make Call or Buy options when price movements enter GREEN AREA

Traders can choose the Put or Sell option when price movements enter the RED AREA

3. Outside the Extreme Zone (Upper Area and Lower Area)

This area (Upper and Lower) serves as a warning that issues a signal to call / buy and put / sell with a higher probability of accuracy.

How to read the signal, namely:

  • Select the CALL / BUY option, when the price movement enters LOWER AREA
  • Select the PUT / SELL option, when the price movement enters UPPER AREA

In order for the signal to be shown more accurately it is recommended to use other indicators simultaneously, such as a combination with the Bollinger Bands indicator or the Alligator indicator

Well that's the strategy tips and tricks on how to trade IQ Option using the Belkhayate Timing indicator.

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Hopefully this discussion can help you reach the profession

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