Saturday, November 10, 2018

9 Best Moments of Trading in Dominant Trends (1)

It's not easy to get a good moment to enter a position when trading. Especially for beginner traders. Need the right analysis and, of course, experience.

This time I will share things related to the best moment to enter a position when trading in Binary Options. I will share nine moments here. These moments are very accurate. The validity has been tested through the experience and deepening of the material that I did.

Here we will take advantage of the dominant uptrend. There are several things that need to be considered:

  1. Choose instruments with short and tight candle charts, meaning that the price range in this condition is very stable and continues to follow the trend.
  2. Make sure there is no dominance of long-tailed candles, meaning there are no resistance transactions that are over.
  3. Choose instruments with low volatility to avoid price movements that are too far away even though basically you are free to choose any instrument, but make sure the number one requirement is fulfilled.
  4. Use the Moving Average Exponencial / EMA indicator with input length 80 and input length 200 to find out the dominant trend that occurs, while also functioning as a limit of support and resistance. principle This indicator also indicates a change in the dominant trend if the two indicator lines intersect. if the 200 EMA line is below the 80 EMA line, the dominant uptrend occurs. Conversely, if the EMA 200 line is above EMA 80, the dominant downtrend occurs.
  5. Select the Parabolic SAR indicator. When the PSAR indicator is above the candle chart, it means there is a downtrend. Vice versa. When the PSAR indicator is below the candle chart, there is an uptrend.
  6. Besides the two indicators, we also use the Moving Average indicator with input length 5 and 10. This indicator is used to read the occurrence of small trend changes. if the 10 MA line is below the MA 5 line, a small upward trend occurs. Conversely, if the 10 MA line is above the MA 5, a small trend occurs down.
  7. At each open position, make sure there is no more than 20 percent of the age of the candle.
  8. First Moment

At the first moment for open position trading, there are principles that must be considered because it is an absolute parameter:

  1. Must be a dominant uptrend
  2. Candle must be above the 80 EMA line
  3. the MA 5 and MA 10 lines have intersected
  4. The Parabolic SAR star is located below the candle
  5. It must be preceded by a correction candle
  6. There is no need for a confirmation candle, because if you wait it will lose the moment
  7. If the six conditions are met, immediately open a buy position. Look at the picture below. The chart shows market conditions on 06-05-2018 at 00:19 WIB while the bullish trend is quite strong, which previously experienced sideways

By using sub-contract up / down, I immediately open a buy position at the price of 8,658,240 with a duration of six minutes. Why is it chosen six minutes?

Because the time frame used is three minutes (see in the upper left corner of the image). As I have explained in the previous trading journal that, to determine the duration of time, it must be twice the time frame.

Look at the picture below. When the contract expires, the position is at the price of 8,660,051. This means above the price when we open positions, and of course we get profit.

Well, that's the first moment that we can use to gain profit. We recommend that you practice it in a virtual account first. After being proficient, just use a real account.


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