Strategi Cara Trading IQ Option Menggunakan Indikator ADX

Latest IQ Option Trading Tricks Using the Average Directional Index Movement (ADX) Indicator

How do you use and read signals on the ADX indicator for binary options and forex trading?

On this occasion we will discuss trading strategies and tricks on the IQ Option platform. To be able to profit or win in trading, the trader must be able to analyze and predict where the next price movement is going.

The trading analysis that we will discuss is technical analysis using the Average Directional Index Movement or ADX indicator.

The ADX indicator serves to measure the strength of the trend and analyze the reversal of the direction of price movements.

What are ADX Indicators?

ADX is an indicator that aims to identify the direction of movement and strength of the trend. ADX indicators are made by Welles Wilder.

How it works the ADX indicator shows when the trend movement starts, how big the trend strength is and when the trend starts to weaken.

There is no limit on how many time frames are most suitable because actually ADX can work well on all trading periods.


Here are the steps on how to install the ADX indicator:

1. Select the ADX indicator from the indicator list

2. Adjust the color of the ADX (General), -DI and + DI indicator lines like this or according to your wishes to make it easier to analyze

As shown above the ADX indicator consists of 3 component lines, namely:

  • + DI, Directional Index for uptrend
  • - DI, Directional Index for downtrend
  • ADX (general), Indicates the strength of the trend


Before starting the strategy tutorial, we must remember the color of the third line of the ADX indicator as above.

Here are the IQ Option trading strategies and strategies with ADX indicators:

1. Crossover strategy

  For this way we will wait for the trend reversal to be used to take open trading positions.

When there will be a reversal or reversal, the ADX indicator will give a sign that is the DI line movement that cuts from the bottom up the other DI lines.

Keep in mind the DI / cut line movement is only from the bottom up.

# CALL or BUY option

Select the CALL / BUY option when there will be an Uptrend marked with:
The movement of the line + DI cuts the line - DI from the bottom up.

Furthermore, in every trend movement will definitely experience a saturation point which results in a weakening trend.

On the ADX indicator, we can find out the uptrend trend started to weaken by seeing the movement of the + DI line cutting the ADX (general) line from top to bottom.

This also indicates a downward movement

Select the PUT / SELL option when a Downtrend will occur which is indicated by:
The movement of the line -DI cuts the line + DI from the bottom up.

2. Combination of ADX Indicators with Parabolic SAR

We will use the ADX and Parabolic SAR indicators simultaneously, for how to read the ADX indicator signal as above.

Meanwhile, to read the option signal from the Parabolic SAR indicator, namely:
  • Select the CALL / BUY option, when the first parabolic SAR point appears below the candlestick
  • Select the PUT / SELL option, when the first parabolic SAR point appears above the candlestick
Make sure to only take an open position when both indicators have indicated the same signal direction.

Now that's the strategy and tricks of trading binary options and forex on the IQ Option platform, just adapt to other platform users, because basically the use of indicators is the same.

Hopefully this discussion can provide benefits and enlightenment for you in playing trading so that profit is consistent.