Sunday, October 14, 2018

Profit Binary Rise / Fall Random Index 100 Tricks

For beginner traders who are just trying binaries, you may already know about the rise / fall game, but here I will give you a few tricks that can help you find profit. The following are the ways:

1. Open the Random Index 100 with Two Windows (Martingale Technique)

  • The first window is Stake $ 1 with a duration of 30 seconds
  • The second window is Stake $ 2 with a duration of 15 seconds

2. Open the Trading View Platform

            Open the Trading View that has been provided by the binary (can be seen at the bottom), then open the Random Index 100 chart. Then select the Candlestick type chart with a 1 minute timeframe. After that, add the Bolingger Band (BB) and Moving Average (MA) indicators with the following criteria:

  • BB (2, 2)
  • MA (13, close, 0)
  • MA (3, close, 0)

The above indicator can help see the trend, if the MA 3 intersects with the MA 13, it will be seen that the fast trend will rise or fall. While the BB 20 indicator is used to see the movement of the candlestick whether it will be more than the resistance / support line then the trend will end or add to the length. For the center line BB indicates if the candlestick will be sideways (flat).

3. Open the Webtrader Platform

             Open the webtrader platform at the bottom, then select Random Index 100 with a time period of 1 tick and setting the Line Dot type chart. Then add an indicator like in the trading view namely:

  • BB (2, 2)
  • Simple MA (13, close, 0)
  • Simple MA (3, close, 0)

Pay attention to the picture above, how to see the above indicator as in the trading view platform but here we use to see the tick movement. This indicator can help determine the tick movement whether to go down or up.

4. Display

             After the 1-3 trick has been opened, then make a display like the following picture:

5. Execution

If all of the above methods have been done, now is the time for us to discuss how to execute Rise / Fall.

  • First, we notice the movement of the Candlestick in Trading View, do the execution when the new candlestick is formed after 5 (five) movements occur. Choose Higher / Rise if the candlestick is green, or choose Lower / Fall if the candlestick is red.
  • Second, we see a Webtrader. If the tick shows up / down according to the green / red color of the candlestick in Trading View, then do the Higher / Lower execution according to the Candlestick match on the Trading View and Tick on the Webtrader.
  • Third, the martingale technique. If we have carried out an execution on the First Window with a $ 1 stake of 20 seconds duration, then we will immediately execute the Second Window with a $ 2 stake of 15 seconds in duration. 
  • Example: Execute Higher / Rise in the first window, but it turns out the tick goes down, then execute Lower / Fall in the second window. Vice versa. This method proved effective and accurate to get profit by doing compound techniques so that Loss in the first window can be covered by Profit in the second window.

That is one trick to get profit on binaries easily, but to achieve profit it takes patience and good self-control. All right, until here, the rise / fall random index 100 trick, hopefully useful for you binary traders. Greetings Profit!


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