Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Techniques How to Play Binary Rise Fall 5 Tick Without Loss

Techniques How to Play Binary Rise Fall 5 Tick Without Loss - Berman rise and Fall in my opinion is very easy compared to others and does not make the head dizzy and we just play with a duration of 5 Tick so that the income is fast, hehe.

Indeed there are several other menus that can be used as dredging dollar fields other than Rise and Fall, but the most important thing is that each of us traders want profit or not for loss, therefore understand enough and take 1 technique first, don't go to another before mastering it right the way.

For this technique, we only have $ 10 capital with enough capital once OP 0.35. Then why do most of the traders continue to lose ??, that is because of two things, namely: 1. Small capital, but install each OP large numbers hoping for fast profit. 2. Fortunately, so that it does not want to stop until the edges actually lose.

Actually, in trading we must have restrictions for example for one time the target trading profit is $ 10 and when it has been reached stop then immediately take profits while still leaving capital, trading tomorrow. So on.

The market is easy to play Rise and Fall is 50 with 100, for others please but I usually only 2 that.

The easiest way to analyze when the right time to do OP is from indicators of moving worms, worms that move up and down are very dangerous to do OP, so you should be patient first.

Wait for the worm to widen and move either downward or upward, when the worm moves upwards with the blue worm, prepare to do OP = FALL, and do martingel if there is a Loss, and also the opposite, if the worm moves down, with the worm's head red, be prepared to do OP = RISE.

To minimize defeat, just use 2 times martingel (multiples of capital), not height if there is little capital, even if there is a lot of capital, it is also very dangerous if you don't understand.

For more details, do the trial or learn first using a virtual account, if you are already adept at reading worm movements, then switch to a real account.

That's all I can say about the technique of how to play Binary Rise Fall 5 Tick without loss, hopefully useful and greetings profit.


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