Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How to trade options from zero and succeed

The first and foremost in option trading is to observe our financial condition in the account located at the broker. You can do trading options on for you beginners you can also try it with a demo account that can make it easier for you to trade

1. Choose the best stock to trade

In trading options you need to choose the best stock to trade. Like the transaction of goods contained in traditional markets that are generally seen. Accuracy in mastering the stocks that will be traded, especially for those of you beginners in the world of option trading do not worry the author will help you too so that it is easier to understand how to trade options.

What kind of stocks are we worth buying when trading. The shares that will load us profitably are also quite a lot, namely technology-based ones. Although other based ones such as gold, oil, etc. can also be profitable. But besides that the choice is all in your hands.

2. Selection of broker

The selection of broker binary options to be able to trade is also one very important way. Therefore now there are not a few fake binary broker sites that can make you lose traders. Every trusted option trading site will surely offer several very diverse types of commodities, and some of those sites also provide so many bonuses for new members that certainly can attract new traders, even this bonus is expected to add value to first deposit.

3. Selection of Expiration Time of an Asset

Once you have determined what stock you will trade options, also has determined the best brokerage site where you are trading, the next step is to determine when your transaction period expires.

later you will find out for yourself that you can make transactions with the active time that expires for 60 seconds later. You can also trade with a relatively longer time, up to one month.

4. List the nominal capital that will be invested to see the amount of profit that will be achieved

The next step is to enter the nominal money which will be the initial capital to be invested in the trading asset. You can also see how much profit you will get from the trading option later after you have stated the nominal capital.

5. Click Up or Down

If you predict the trading asset will rise, then click up. And if you predict the trading assets are down, then click down. Before seeing the results of the trading experience profits or vice versa, then you are required to enter the platfrom iq option first and click the trading history.


Binary trading is very easy, you just have to analyze the price movements of certain financial instruments and speculate whether the price will go up or vice versa will go down.

In addition, the advantages of option trading include the initial capital requirements which are very simple and not burdensome, also access to global financial markets is also easy. This trading option itself involves several risks. If you want to start Tranding options, it is very important for you especially for beginners to first understand how financial markets work and need time to find brokers with reputations.

It should be emphasized again that this option trading method requires several things which must go through the selection and consideration process first. For example, the selection of stocks that will be traded, the selection of broker sites that can make your transactions calm with a trusted site. After that also you still have to determine the initial capital before later you know about how much profit will be obtained. Then you can click up or down according to your prediction. The last one you can see is the profit that you get or the loss that you get, but before you have to enter first to platfrom iq option to click on the trading history.

It is easy not to do option trading. Profits are not things that you always get, because option trading also has a risk for you to experience losses, therefore always learn to hone your skills for option trading. So you always have luck in it. Good luck.


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