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How to trade Binary Options

Binary options are a way in which people can enjoy the benefits of moving the value of various assets on the market, such as commodities, stocks and foreign exchange rates.

One of the reasons why this type of trading is so popular is that you only need to choose one of 2 options when making transactions, yes or no, in the world of trading binary options the term used is put or call,

There are no special requirements, for example, you don't need to buy gold bullion if you want to trade binary options on gold commodities, you just need to determine whether the gold value will rise or fall within the time frame you choose.

One of the advantages of trading binary options is that you can determine the expiration / expiration time of the assets you buy, it can only take 60 seconds or can be for a full month.

If you are new to the binary option trading world, then we provide 10 steps to guide you so that you can better understand how to trade binary options on one of the broker sites that we recommend to you.

We are very confident, after you read this guide, you can immediately make large transactions on various types of commodities online, either through a demo account or as a real trader.

1. What assets do you want to trade.

The first thing you need to think about before trading a binary option is on what assets you will trade, whether it's a commodity, which stock or currency you want to trade.

After you determine your choice of the type of asset that will be traded, then the next step is to determine where the value of the asset will move.

Take for example you want to trade oil commodities. If you think the oil value will go down, then you have to choose the Put option, and if you think the oil value will move up, then you have to choose the Call option.

2. Choosing a Broker

Of course you have to choose a broker binary option to be able to trade, on that basis, we hope you take a moment and see a review of each of the binary options broker sites that we have used.

Every broker site that we recommend on this website, has been licensed and also regulated (regulated according to law), each site offers a variety of different types of commodities, and most of these sites provide many bonuses for new members they, who give additional value to your first deposit.

Each broker's site also provides a choice of various types of accounts that you can use, and it is very important for you to choose the type of account that will give you maximum profits and bonuses, based on the amount and value of each transaction you want to do.

Ideally, you should open an account at each broker site that we recommend, because it will give you more profits, we will discuss these benefits in step 4 later.

3. Choose Time Expired from an Asset

After you determine what type of assets you will trade in the binary option, and choose the broker site where you trade, the next step is to choose when your transaction expires.

You will find out later that you can make transactions with an active period that expires 60 seconds later, or you can trade for a longer period of up to one month. It is important for you to choose a suitable time period, because there will be many important moments or events that will affect the value of your trading assets.

4. Understanding the potential benefits that can be obtained

Usually, before you decide to buy something that is expensive, beforehand you must look around other stores and compare the price, so you get the maximum profit and get the lowest possible price.

This also applies when you make a binary option transaction, because the value of profits and asset prices can differ from one broker site to another broker's site.

So the next step is to compare offers from each binary options broker site that we recommend to you, to ensure that you get the maximum profit from your investment on the site.

5. Choice based on market trends

When you do research in choosing what trading assets will give you maximum profit, it's good for you to use all the sources of information around you to ensure you always benefit from every transaction you make.

Although many brokerage sites provide information about market trends that can be found on their news pages, you can also exchange information with other market players about commodities and the direction of market trends.

On that basis you can find brokers that offer market trend information features, by using these features, you can easily find out which commodities have the highest volume of other market players.

6. Increase your trading capital

Something you have to remember is that there is competition between broker binary options sites, and make sure you can maximize various promotional offers from the site to help you increase your initial trading capital.

Welcome bonuses may be very tempting for new players, but you should also consider a loyalty bonus that might be offered by a broker binary options site. Promotional bonuses can be in the form of a bonus of money that is equal to your initial deposit number, maybe also a riskless trading bonus at the beginning of your account period.

So make sure you always see if you get a bonus or not, because it might add to your account balance. It is worth considering, because you can do your first trade with the bonus bonus and not your own money.

7. Can make transactions at any time

You will never know when a potential transaction will appear before you, this must be a concern.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose a brokerage site that allows you to access the site both on your desktop and also through your smartphone. If you have access to the trading application then you can make transactions anytime and anywhere.

8. Protect your trading activities (Hedging)

Many market players will look for ways to protect their active trades, by carrying out a series of opposite transactions from that trade. So you do each transaction separately with the opposite side of an asset.

One of the practical methods is to open a different account on a different broker's site, and take advantage of the promotion bonus of opening a new account on the site, use the bonus to cover both sides of your trading.

9. Roll Forward feature

You will find a new feature that is being offered by some broker binary options sites, this feature is called Roll Forward. This offer is only a

The Roll Forward feature is a feature to extend the active period of trading that you have done before, and if you decide to use this feature, the active period of your trading transaction will be extended to the next period.

10. Exit First

Although many market players have made a lot of preparations and waited for the active period of their trading transactions to expire, but if you realize the potential that your trading transaction that is still active will immediately reverse and lose, then you should immediately leave before the active period of the transaction the trading is expired.

Many broker sites provide services exit (early exit). You only need to spend a small fee to end your trade active period before the time expires, so you can save profit from your trading without risking the balance decreasing due to loss.

However, do early exit if you are absolutely sure that the trade has the potential to lose if left to expired.

How to trade Binary Options

Chapter 1: How to trade Binary Options

Now there are new ways that help you earn large amounts of money through stocks, currencies and also various commodities such as gold and silver. This method is known as online trading binary option.

Binary options are different from other conventional trades that require large capital, because in binary options you don't actually buy stocks or currencies that are traded physically, but only buy the value. The advantage that can be obtained is through rising or falling prices of assets purchased with the rules of expiry time that can be self-determined.

If trading binary options online makes you interested, then that's a natural thing. At first, this might sound like a strange way to make money. However, if you understand how binary option trading works (which only takes a few hours) you will become an expert in this field, and with a little expertise, you can make profits continuously.

On that basis, we have summarized an online guide for you about trading binary options. And step by step, we will explain and guide you to get online and trade binary options as soon as possible.

The first step is to determine the broker's site. You can see here a list of recommendations from our broker site.

We invite you to follow step by step in this guide, then we invite you to start trading binary options independently.

  1. Types of Sets in Binary Options - There are hundreds of types of assets that can be traded in binary options, whether through desktops or cellphones. Therefore, you should look at our guide about the various types of binary options available on the market, and we guarantee there are many commodity items that will make you interested. All sites in our binary options site list give a lot of asset choices in trading binary options. As such, you will have full control over what assets you will choose to trade binary options, and not be limited to those choices.
  2. Types of Binary Options Platforms You can trade binary options through a laptop or computer online, or if you want to be more relaxed while watching or hanging, then you can trade anytime and anywhere with a mobile platform via a smartphone. You can trade anytime and anywhere, that's why trading binary options become popular now!
  3. How To Make Transactions at Binary Options In this guide we will explain how easy you are to do binary options trading online, after you know how it works you will realize that the binary option trading process is very easy. Please see this guide, and see what is needed to do binary options trading.
  4. Binary Option Demo Account This guide provides information on how you can create a free demo account, which you can use on some binary options trading sites that we recommend for you. In this way, you can learn more quickly about the various features, services, and offers from these sites for you.
  5. Different Types of Causes of Price Movement in Binary Options There are many small instructions and certain causes that you must pay attention to, events that indicate that the value of a stock asset or currency that you are trading will change. On that basis, you should look at our guide that will give you information about what commodities you should choose and when is the right time to trade.
  6. How To Make Money With Binary Options Everyone wants to make money from trading binary options, therefore, please refer to our guide that will show you how to start trading binary options online successfully.
  7. Binary Options Trading Tips & Strategies We have many instructions and tips that might be useful for binary options trading players. If you are new to this profitable and exciting world of binary options, then you can see a collection of tips and strategies that we hope can help increase the amount of your profits in trading online.
  8. Are Binary Options Legal Trading? Because trading binary options is an activity on a financial basis, there are many procedures that a binary option site undergoes in obtaining a license. What we recommend is only the best binary options broker site. If you want to find out more about the security of this industry, you can see our guide on binary options sites that already have a license.
  9. Review Binary Option Sites After you have read all the guidelines above, then you are ready to join and open an account on the binary option trading site that is on our list carefully selected based on our longstanding experience in the world This trading binary option. So we believe that every binary option trading site that we give a review will not disappoint you. If you choose a site from the list of sites that we have reviewed, then you will enjoy a variety of bonuses when you register, the bonus will increase your balance, in other words you will have the opportunity to get more profit from the trading that you do.
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  11. Binary Option Trading Guide

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