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Binary Options Trading Tips & Strategies

Now we will provide a number of accurate ways to trade binary options online. The instructions and tips we provide may not give a definite guarantee whether you will get profit, but if you learn the following tips, it is likely that you will get more profitable transactions than before.

Take advantage of the various Bonuses you get

You will get a lot of promotional bonuses when you start to join the binary option trading site, so it's good for you to make the most of the bonus, you can get a continuous profit if you use your bonus optimally. Here is an example of how to optimize the bonus you receive.

  • Protect your transactions with bonus money (hedging) - When you join 2 different trading sites, then you can protect your binary option transactions by using bonus money from 2 sites where you trade, that is, you make 2 transactions between the two the site is on a commodity. So if on one site you experience a loss, then on another site you will get profit, in this way you will be guaranteed to get profit by utilizing the money bonus.

  • Re-deposit bonus - There are many binary option trading sites that offer bonus offerings to their loyal customers, this bonus is known as the re-deposit bonus. This bonus is explained regularly when you make a deposit in accordance with the terms and conditions to get the bonus. In other words, you will get more money in your account balance, and your chances of making a profitable transaction and getting profit will be even greater.
Various Questions About Binary Option Bonuses

Below are some of the things that are often asked about bonuses from binary options trading sites. Please learn more, because maybe you also have the same problem that you want to ask, and the answer to that question can be found below.

  • How much bonus is from the binary option site? - The nominal amount of money that becomes your bonus on the binary option site depends on the policy of each site where you trade binary options, it is not unusual if you get a 100% bonus offer worth the amount of money you deposit into your account, but along As time goes by, you may be able to get a bigger bonus

  • Can I open more than one account on one site? - If you think you can get more bonuses by opening 2 or more accounts simultaneously on a site, then you should not do that, because if you open more than one account on a site, the bonus you get will be lost 

  • What binary options sites with mobile platforms also offer bonuses? - You will get the same amount and nominal bonus from binary option sites regardless of whether you use desktop or mobile. So you will not be harmed if you open a binary options account through your smartphone device
News and information channels

We recommend that you pay close attention to the latest news and information, because in just seconds after the news is broadcast, it could be the value and price of an asset such as gold and silver, or the share value of a company and also the currency of a country will experience a change. And you must first make a binary option transaction in accordance with these conditions before the value of the trading asset changes.

Most binary options trading sites provide the latest information and news services on their sites. However, we recommend that you focus more on special news channels that provide endless information. Always be alert if there is sudden news or Breaking News, because if you can react faster in responding to the news, and do the trading binary option accordingly, the profit potential of your transaction will be even greater.

Should I follow people?

It is unfortunate that many binary option players who when doing transactions behave like sheep, they only copy what other players do in trading, they follow where people are and do binary option transactions just like other players.

Even though this way you can also get profit, you will not become rich by following the steps taken by other players. On that basis, then you must prepare yourself to take risks when trading binary options, use your own calculations and assessments in making online transactions.

Always try to carry your smartphone device, because you must always be alert and ready if at any time you have to do binary option transactions at that time, of course the quickest way is to access your trading account via smartphone, and all binary option trading sites that we recommend to you, has a mobile platform service.

  • Should I use Early Exit? - We are often asked by binary option players who are still beginners, do they have to use early exit when trading binary options. Using early exit is like a double-edged sword, because the profit from your transaction will be deducted as a fee and commission to use the early exit feature in the active period of your transaction So if you really believe that the binary option transaction that you are doing will immediately change direction and potentially harm you, then you can use the early exit feature. This is because the early exit option costs a lot, and if you do this continuously your total profit will decrease drastically, and this is not something you want in trading

  • Should I use a site that sells binary trading tips and signals? - If you find a site that offers tips on trading binary options, and the site asks for some money for each tip they provide, then you do not join the site. Because if the owner of the site has a skill in trading binary options, then he should get money from the profit of binary options transactions and not from selling tips. But if he gives these tips for free, then you should try it.

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