Wednesday, August 22, 2018

NEVER LOS - Tutorial Trading Binary Option

Trading Binary options is very easy, we don't need to learn the different types of indicators and do not need to pay attention to the graphics all day long. Binary options trading can be done throughout the day. This is possible because the global market is open 24 hours.

So it doesn't matter when you have a job because you can trade at any time. Don't worry with starting capital because the minimum capital for trading binary options is $10 or approximately USD 100,000.

The early stages of trading binary options is to open a brokerage account in which we will use IE IQ Option. Please click here to open an account and then enter the data yourself such as your name, email and password. After that check your email to confirm your registration.

Once that is done then you automatically get a demo account and you will be redirected to the page of the trading platform. Well this is where later we will be trading binary 

1. is to select assets that we want to trade, there are various assets such as currencies, stocks, indices and commodities

2. is a chart to determine the direction of price movements, through this chart we will predict whether prices will move higher or lower than the price now

3. function to set the time expired, for example we predict gold prices will go up 2 minutes from now and it turns out after 2 minutes the price is higher than 2 minutes ago then we will benefit

4. serves to determine the amount you want to invest. At least is $1

5. is to calculate the amount of benefits you will get if our predictions are correct, e.g. we invested $10 with 95% reward means when our predictions are correct then we will fortunately $9.5.
Then how do I trading? It's easy, when you predict that the price will go up, then you'll plug it up, if you predict the price will come down then you should plug it down. Note the number 3 is the time that you can specify yourself when kadaluarsanya.

So saying its schema, you first select which assets you wish to suppose that trading the eur/usd, then look at the graph of the price will go up or down and select the time kadaluarsanya then enter the amount you wish to trade. Once it is live click up or down to fit your prediction. The last wait until time expired and see the results whether trade last profit or loss.
How easy, isn't it?

After you have finished experimenting with the demo money, falls watunya using real money. It's easy, go to your Options IQ account and click Open real account then afterwards you will be redirected to the page of the deposit. You can make a deposit with a minimum of $10

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