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Tips and techniques for precise techniques in trading binary options expire 60 seconds

Binary options are the easiest type of trading to understand, so there are lots of enthusiasts. It doesn't take long to know how the binary option trading system works.

Trading binary options in its closure uses an expired time system, in which a trading position will be closed automatically when the specified time has expired. Before trading options both call and putt, the trading platform is clearly stated for us in choosing the expired time. .There are many choices when expired binary trading is definitely profit

Usually the expiry time ranges from above 30 seconds (60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes) according to the options listed on the trading platform. To be more clear you can see the picture below, following the expired time on the trading binary broker iq option. Screenshoot is taken around 16:20 so the choice of available expired time is as follows: how to trade binary for profit
On this occasion we will discuss the strategy of how to play binary IQ options with an expiration time of about 60 seconds or 1 minute before closing a trading position.

For some traders placing trading with an expired time of about 60 seconds, it is likely to give an inconclusive impression. Not a few who think this method is too risky and tends to occur because without careful calculation.

Therefore I explained it from the reasons to the tricks and strategies to be successful with binary trading in closing time of about 1 minute. The reason why binary trading is within 1 minute is worth a try

There are several reasons why I like trading binary IQ options for about 60 seconds, namely:

1. Can make profits quickly

Anyone would want to make a profit in a short and easy way. With trading in about 60 seconds, the desire to make profits quickly will be easily realized.

2. Give more free time

Although online trading is often said to be a business that does not require a lot of energy and time, but not a few traders who use all their minds to the maximum for trading.

This will become a habit that takes up a lot of time, especially a long-term binary option trader. Which usually will always imagine an anxious feeling about an open trading position before the expired time.

These factors will have an impact on the activity, and ultimately make binary trading less comfortable.

By applying the binary trading method in about 60 seconds, you can avoid the problem above. After a short trading, we can still use the free time to work and daily activities.

3. Have the opportunity to add trading transaction positions in a fast time

Adding a trading position transaction can increase profit opportunities, especially if you already have an analysis strategy that produces consistent profit.

By using the expired time is only about 60 seconds, meaning that you do not have to wait long to add the next trading position when you find the option signal.

But usually we can do several trading positions simultaneously as long as the limit time has not yet appeared (indicated by the call button and not appear).

4. Reducing the burden and influence of emotions

Although the ability of each person is different in controlling emotions and mental, but not a few traders who install a long expired time limit are not able to control emotions.

So that it can have a very dangerous impact on the continuity and ability in analysis and trading decisions.

By choosing an expiration time of 60 seconds, we will not have much time to think about the kinds of types of trading positions.

This technique can also encourage to be more consistent with the trading plan so as to produce better trading analysis. Trading 60 seconds is perfect for impatient traders.

5. Able to take advantage of the smallest movements to gain profit

One of the advantages of binary trading is 60 seconds and the benefits that can be taken are being able to adjust to market conditions that are being ranging (sideways).

Even though the trend situation is far more profitable and expected in trading. But price movements do not always have to be a trend, even more consolidated. With a 60-second binary, we learn to be able to adjust and adapt to market movements.

After knowing a number of reasons why trading binary options with 60 seconds expired time is appropriate and worth trying. At the moment we start the way and strategy

One of the underlying strategies is the use of time frames and time candles

     - Time candlestick 15 S (15 SECONDS)
     - Time frame 15 M and 5 M (It means to see long-term trend using TF 15M and for execution     using TF 5 M)

This time we will use a binary option trading technical analysis using the MACD indicator.

1. Setting Time candlestick becomes 15 S

2. Apply the MACD indicator with the default settings only

3. Analyze using Time Frame 15 M and 5 M

4. Pay attention and observe the movement of the two lines of the MACD indicator

     - When the RED line above the Blue line means the upptrend is going on
     -  When the Red line below the Blue line means a downtrend

We can open binary trading options by following the direction of the ongoing trend meaning:

    -  If the red line above the blue line select the CALL option
    -  If the red line below the blue line select the PUTT option

  Don't forget to make an entry with an estimated time of approximately 60 seconds.

5. Can also use the crossing strategy of the MACD indicator line

     - When the Red line from above hits the blue line, it means the Bearis / Down signal select the      PUTT option
    -  When the Red line from below hits the blue line, it means the Bullish / Up signal selects the CALL option

6. For crossing strategy, we have to wait until the red line hits the blue line, then wait for the moment of the formation of a different color candlestick from the previous candlestick.
For example when the moment will change in the direction of bullish / rising.

     - Wait for the red line from below to hit the blue line
     - Wait for the formation of a green candlestick.
     - A bullish / rising candlestick is usually green or white
     - Bearish / down candlesticks are usually red or black

And see the results, if the analysis works well it will generate profit
tips and secrets of binary trading 60 seconds

The above methods and techniques are technical analysis strategies using the MACD indicator. We can also trade binary options with a time of about 60 seconds with another indicator analysis.

In using a binary option strategy with an expiration time of about 60 seconds. Even though it has many advantages and advantages and is easy to do, there are still risks and need to pay attention to the following important things:

1. Quickly bring profit but quickly also experience loss

This means that this strategy is proportional to the risk. For that, be sure to have accurate analytical skills and the ability to control emotions.

To improve analytical skills, you can use a demo account first. Try testing the analysis technique. Do 10 times in a row and calculate the number of times profit and loss.

If you trade 10 times, experience 7 times profit, then the technique is quite good and suitable for you to use.

2. Limit the number of trading sizes

This is related to money management. Always use a trading size of no more than 10% of your balance capital. So if it turns out to experience a loss, still have funds for the next trading.

3. Make a trading plan and consistently obey it

Although short-term trading is 60 seconds, but still have to make a trading plan. Plan about what and how to make decisions in trading.

For example, from how to make a decision determine the entry point of a trading position and determine the amount of money for each transaction.

Do not change the trading strategy that has been planned, usually if you are unable to control emotions, the trading plan becomes messy.

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