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12 Tips and Tricks for Successful Profit Trading Binary IQ Option

Binary trading tips and strategies for consistent profit

Trading binary options are increasingly in demand because they are considered as one way of trading that can generate profits or profits in a short time.

But to be able to realize this, there needs to be a winning and profit strategy in playing binary trading iq option. To be successful in the binary trading business, you need to learn the strategy to avoid sustained loss.

In addition to that, binary traders also need a strong and good mental control emotions, because often traders disrupt their trading strategies due to lack of control over these emotions.
On this occasion I will share the binary iq option trading strategy tips to be able to successfully gain profit consistently.

1. Always concentrate on getting profit (in-the-money) rather than just focusing on the amount of profit that will be obtained

In binary trading, think that price volatility should not be the main factor in determining the amount of your profit. Because the amount of profit is predetermined through the payout ratio. In trading binary options which is the determinant of success in trading, is the price movement moving according to estimates? And the results will end in the money (profit) or out of the money (loss). As much as any price movements that are happening, if it turns out the price finally does not reach the level we predict, on time (in the money), then the result we will lose all the money we use to open the trading position. Likewise the opposite, even though price volatility is not too far away, but the price movement is right on the prediction at closing time

2. Focus on one instrument of traded assets

Binary options brokers usually offer a large selection of instruments including forex, digital, stocks, commodities and binary options. Usually binary option traders will trade on option options with a variety of currency pair options.

Try to focus and concentrate on one choice of currency pairs that are traded. But that does not mean just trading on one currency pair, because when the market is closed it means not trading anymore, not so. Just don't move randomly, when trading on EUR/USD,
just focus on the currency pair. Then after the market closes then switch to another pair.

3. Choose a trading instrument that suits your trading style

As we know, binary options have many currency pair instruments such as EUR / USD, GBP / USD, JPY / USD etc. Why do we have to be smart in choosing the market we will use for trading? Because each market has a different level of volatility

For example, the EUR / USD pair has high market volatility, so if you like price movements with high volatility, it means that you are trading in a EUR / USD currency pair. Know yourself so that you can easily choose which trade.

4. Do not easily fall asleep while experiencing victory

This is closely related to the ability to control emotions. When we do trading binary options which only takes a short amount of time to expire and the result is profit.
Then there was a feeling of pleasure and pride and felt that it was so easy. Not a few traders were even more eager to trade again without adequate analysis.

Another mistake is to increase the amount of trading investment from the previous amount without control because so passion wants to get a big profit. The conclusion is to keep emotional control when experiencing victory or experiencing losses.

5. Learn to follow trends

Not just a forex trading strategy, trading binary options are also suitable trading places to follow market trends.

With a short trading period on binary options it is not advisable to trade in a position that is against market trends. And you should follow the current trend if you want to gain profit easily.

6. Choose a trading binary options broker that has been regulated properly

Indeed, for now the new binary options are officially only in a few countries, but that does not mean that trading binary options are illegal.

Currently binary options have been regulated / authorized in several countries, especially in the European region.

There are several countries that have provided regulation on broker binary options which have issued licenses for broker broker binary options, namely:

     CySEC from Cyprus
     AMF from France
     CONSOB from Italy
     Bafin from Germany
     FSA / FCA from England
     and others

For that, be sure to choose a binary broker who has received authorization / regulation from the country above. The more that regulate a broker means that the broker is more trusted.

7.Most practice trading on demo accounts before real trading

It's not difficult to get a demo account because almost all binary options brokers have provided demo account facilities to learn.

Take advantage of a demo account well to deepen your experience. It's very understandable to treat and consider a demo account like a real account including determining the size of the trading size.
In order for psychological and mental analysis and more manageable when plunging into trading with a real account.

8. Do not determine the amount of trading capital more than 10% of the total amount of funds in a trading account

This is related to money management, ie do not risk more than 10% of the total funds in a trading account.

This is because to anticipate when a trading analysis misses or is incorrect.
If the trading position experiences loss, we still have many more opportunities to trade. So use wisely your money / trading capital.

9. Choose trading when the price volatility is low

Choose the right time in binary trading based on the market activity of the instrument being traded.
Excessive price volatility makes prices more flexible to predict, which often misses analysis, especially using short expired times.

Following are suggestions / recommendations for trading binary options which are estimated to be easier and safer, which are around:

    Morning hours: 08.00, 09.00, 10.00
    Afternoon: 16.00, 17.00, 18.00
    Curfew: Above 8:00 p.m.

10. Study price charts and candlestick patterns

Learning to understand charts of price movements and candlestick patterns is very important to sharpen trading analysis. Which is where a profit / loss trading result is determined by the ability to analyze / predict the price direction.

There are many ways to predict a price movement including technical analysis with indicators and candlesticks.
This is very much needed especially to trade on the market with low volatility and tend to be sideways.

11. Start trading on a small scale first

When trading with a small scale / amount of investment is still difficult to generate profits, then we can be sure we are not ready to trade in large quantities.

For starters, start trading with the smallest amount of transaction investment. Usually the smallest value to open a binary option position is $ 1 or if the balance uses a minimum IDR 10,000 rupiah currency.

If trading in small amounts is capable of managing the strategy and mental psychology that generates profit / profit. Just to increase the value of investment to achieve greater profit.
However, it must maintain psychological factors because trading with small values ​​and large values ​​has a different burden.

For example, we are trading with a value of $ 1, maybe thinking it doesn't matter if loss and this makes us calm and relaxed in analyzing and determining trading positions. And often the calm attitude makes trading analysis more precise and makes profit.

Different when trading with a value that is greater than usual, of course the burden is greater, such as there is a feeling of anxiety, fear and not calm. Do not let that affect your ability to do analysis and trading decisions.

12. Choose a user friendly trading platform

It is very important to choose a trading broker and a binary trading platform. Because it displays a chart, the complete features of a platform that is convenient and easy to understand and use will make trading analysis easier.

Unlike forex brokers who mostly use the metatrader platform, so that every forex trader is familiar with the platform when changing brokers.

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