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I have previously told you that by opening a Binary Option account at a Binary Option you can deposit deposite at least $ 10 and can be directly traded. In addition to the deposite profit of at least $ 10 trading with a dollar of $ 10 this can be used as learning and that is an experience for those of you who have never traded.

If you open an account on a Binary Option, of course you will get deposite facilities for $ 10, you should take advantage of this limited opportunity, because not all binary options provide deposite rules of at least $ 10.

How can $ 10 be hundreds of dollars to withdraw? Here I will tell you how to trade with binary options so it is more profitable.


This trick using Binary Options is actually divided into 3 series but I only get 2 and 3 series.

Revealing the Mysteries of $ 10 into hundreds of dollars in series II


This strategy is called a Martingale strategy that is often recommended as one of the easy profit strategies that can be used for new traders or beginner traders who are now better known as newbie traders who are still not proficient or have not been able to do binary analysis and currency movements.

Why is that? Because the principle of the Martingale strategy is very easy and simple, just do a Purchase in the same direction that is to do the purchase 3 times in the same option (Purchase HIGH all or do all Purchase LOW), and the Purchase amount for the second and third purchase must be bigger than before!

Example Illustration of Trading with a Binary Option Binary Option:

Trade 1 = Make a Purchase HIGH, 1 USD

Trade 2 = Make a Purchase HIGH, 2 USD

Trade 3 = Make a Purchase again HIGH, 7 USD

So that all of you can better understand the Martingale strategy, try to see illustrations of Binary Options trading in Binary Options with the Martingale strategy below!

It doesn't require a lot of complicated analysis that must know this and that isn't it? Just simply choose HIGH or LOW direction to do Purchase 1, and if the price continues to move in the opposite direction to what you predicted, don't be afraid, still do the second Purchase and or the third purchase in the same direction with the nominal added!

Under normal conditions, the market may rebound quite large in the direction you predict a

t the last moment, so in the end the results of your trading for the whole are PROFIT!

Well, so that this Strategy Martingale can make you become successful in getting profit, there are 3 things that you must pay attention to! Check out the tips from Binary Options below!

1. Provide adequate funds for Martingale

The key to this Martingale strategy is the Purchase Amount, which is increasingly added, this is done so that it can cover losses from previous purchases. Therefore, you certainly have to provide sufficient funds or capital for Martingale strategy trading. From the Martingale strategy example illustrated above, you need a total of $ 10 to make a Purchase 3 position ($ 1 + $ 2 + $ 7)!

by registering at Binary options you can deposite at least $ 10 and to maximize the above method you should deposit above $ 10 so that the funds are getting bigger.

A Binary Option recommendation for a minimum fund for Martingale is $ 100 just in case your capital doesn't run out quickly! so that the profit you make is much greater.

 2. Look for RANGE Market so that the Martingale strategy works

Very large market conditions affect the success rate of Martingale strategy. This strategy is suitable for use when the market is quiet (or market RANGE), where prices always move up and down within a certain distance and repeat (there is no trend).

Low market conditions usually occur from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

But if you apply a Martingale strategy when the market is crowded or in a trend, of course the price will not turn around for a long time, and this strategy can actually make you lose and ultimately go bankrupt! if outside the quiet hour (06: 00-16: 00) the European market opens at 4:00 p.m. and the American market opens at 7:30 p.m., at that hour is the peak hour for traders to trade, if trading in crowded hours of course must adept at analyzing, indeed sich if successful trading on a crowded hour fortunately will be very large, but the level of risk will also be very high.

This quiet RANGE Market is commonly found in the early morning trading hours (Indonesian territory) in all currency pairs.

Examples of Market RANGE that are suitable for trading with Martingale strategies:

3. Take Options with Medium Term (10 minutes)

This Strategy Martingale is best used in the 10-minute Options (with 80% Payout). Why not use only 3 minutes in options? Because the trading time used for 3-minute options is certainly too short (only 2 minutes), and for a 3-minute period it is very unlikely that the market will turn around in the final minutes.

Examples of successful trading with Martingale strategies:

On the Binary Options trading chart at Binary Options above, the Binary Option performs a Purchase LOW for all 3 positions in the EUR / USD options pair (because IQ Option predicts the market will rebound at the last moment).

This strategy turned out to be very successful, and 3 transactions in the pair (currency) EUR / USD ended in profit!

The example above by making a Purchase at Binary Options worth $ 35 and can get a Payout of $ 63, this means that IQ Option has got a PROFIT of $ 28 from the trade 10 minutes! You can imagine if trading for 10 minutes is done repeatedly, but do not GREEDY (greedy) determine the trading target in one day (what percentage of profit from capital) if it has been reached then stop your trading and trade again tomorrow. Examples of trading above can of course be applied by using IQ Option.


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