Thursday, June 7, 2018

How to use the new Iq Option Indicator

Hello Traders hope you guys are in good health, and always a success
This time the admin willing to share the experience of the admin using the new option IQ indicators recently came out.

Okay this is just a new indicator of the IQ option can you guys see below,
use the default settings of these indicators

The Admins consider you guys have up to this point,, and then click apply,, and see the look of his indicators as in this picture.

View good image above there is a lot of different colors of different lines you guys just need to pay attention to the colors red, and blue.

When the color red with blue changed its position example in the top picture blue color down red above blue then you guys can click PUT it indicates the chart will continue to decline, as well as vice versa.

Up here it used to be that the admin can share next time the admin will give more info again so that the trader's best friend always has the advantage every day we wish you guys success always.

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