Monday, June 11, 2018

Advantage IQ Platform Option

Binary options occupies a special niche in the hearts of traders thanks to the ease and a system that is easy to understand. Therefore, any binary options brokers continue to strive to improve the quality of the trading platform and its usefulness for the trader.

IQ Option is one of the new generation of binary options brokers who have built a platform with exciting and innovative solutions. Platform Web and mobile app provides continues to evolve to meet the needs of traders, not only for beginners but also for traders who have experienced. This is especially apparent from the platformversi 3.0 update.


One of the latest developments in the platform version 3.0 is the appearance of the 4 chart simultaneously on the web platform. This is an innovative facility which are rarely served by another binary options brokers and provides opportunities for traders to build new trading strategies. Thanks to these innovations, ease traders in trading increased four times because it can quickly and easily see some types of assets at once; no longer need to spend time to constantly replace window when the trade several types of assets in the same time.

For example, when there is breaking news about statistics nonfarm payrolls United States. You might want to trade multiple assets to take advantage of the volatility around the time of the high-impact news release. If usually must replace window when will open position, then position can now be opened without having to close the window.

This advantage also allows you as a trader to improve trading. Let's say you trade EURUSD turbo option. Based on your strategy, you buy CALL options, but it turns out that the price moves down. To increase your chances of winning the trading session, you can open a second form of binary options (high/low) in the EURUSD pair. With the ability to monitor all ongoing trends, traders could increase the chances of winning.

Let's take another example. We know there is a correlation between the pair with gold price movement AUDUSD: If the gold price rises, then the pair AUDUSD usually also rise. Therefore, the trader opens two charts on the platform, where the one showing AUDUSD AUDUSD and other displays. This option allows you to buy and simultaneously while open position trading.

With this platform, a trader who joined the IQ Option could trade stocks, pair-the pair of currencies, and even gold, at the same time.

Integrated Social Media

In addition, the broker IQ Option also pays attention to the social dimension of lively trading in the last few years by introducing Top Traders and Top Deals. They understand that many traders like to play games where a player can level is increasing as we get experience. Who among us doesn't like showing off our success?

IQ Options trading platform allows traders to follow's "best trader " within three hours, one day or one week, while seeing their deposit growth. The menu's "Top Deals " also enroll the rank and display it in the same way. This can motivate you to improve your strategy and achieve success.

In addition, the IQ Option already integrated with social media networks. Registration can be done very easily in 1 minute via Google, Facebook or VKontakte, even you can also create an album containing the transaction results directly in your profile through the synchronization of a successful transaction. Traders who are trading can flaunt their success without spending a lot of time take a screenshot manually.

Interestingly, because IQ Option opens the door wide for traders who want to dabble in binary trading on a demo-account, the user account can access all functions of the platform as well as the account owner. If you try the demo account IQ Option, then you will be given the funds virtual 1.000 USD to practice trading binary assets such as the pair EUR/USD, and make use of simple technical analysis. In rehearsal with the demo account, you can see how the payout and refunds given by IQ Option.

In addition to excellence-excellence, innovative platform IQ Option is also available for iOS and Android-based gadgets in a form that resembles the functions of web-platform. Thus, trading activity can be done wherever and whenever without reducing the quality of trading decisions taken. Well, are you interested in excellence-excellence platform binary IQ Option? To taste it.

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